Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday! He he. So I’ve got this fancy new BLOG software installed on my machine, and I’ve got a whole weekend of excitement to look forward to, yeah right, and now I have the freedom to deal with my own server when it comes to babbling about my boring life.

We went to Mike and Amy’s yesterday and had the chance to go wakeboarding. Boy do I suck! It took about 8 tries for me to finally get up, and then it took about 3 more times of 1 success and 1 failure to finally get up about 3 or 4 times in a row. There are pictures at — under the 2003 Albums. You can see my trials and tribulations! We got to see Sean… been quite some time. He lives in Phoenix! I wish my batteries didn’t die. I really wanted to take some pictures and pull some film of Mike doing some big air!!! Oh well.