Ho-chi Dog! It’s great to read YOUR blog! Keep up the good work, mate! I haven’t read it all week, until now, and it was a nice way to “catch up” on your shiznit! Say hello to Mina for me!

Beers + Lack of H20 = Migracious

What does 4 16 oz. glasses of Molson Canadian + the lack of proper amounts of H20 give you? M I G R A C I O U S ! ! ! What is migracious, you ask? It’s a frickin’ migraine headache. The good news: It’s not a completely debilitating one! It is the kind […]

Working later than normal

Sometimes it’s kind of fun to work past 5pm. Today, I’m going to stay here until about 7PM, then head over to the airport to pick up Pepe! I get to listen to 50 Cent, out loud, laugh louder, etc. AximSite.com I’ve been kind of obsessed the last two days with how much more populare […]

Fun weekend ahead of us!

Pepe and Sarah are coming back into town this evening. Their plane comes in at 7:44PM. Should be a fun weekend. We’ll probably just hang out and watch the MTV Video Music Awards. They start at 8PM. I’m kind of sad we’ll miss the beginning, but they re-air it at 11:30PM. This way, we can […]

Quiet Water Cooling?

New Scientist A friend of mine, JT$, sent me this link. So our computers are going to be so fast and so hot that we’ll have to have QUIET water cooling!! I can’t wait. I hope they do this for ALL processors! No moving parts! QUIET, QUIET, QUIET!


Could it have been any MORE humid this morning? Holy shit! I thought it would be a nice, cool run. Hell no. It was like running through a swamp. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I guess. I ran my 9 miles this morning because the Senator and Kinski are coming over to visit […]

Got up late…

I hate that I got up at 7:09 this morning. All I was able to do was run my four miles and head to work, 45 mins. late! Some days just aren’t better than others. On a side note, I had my 2nd FFL draft yesterday with David and Carlos! It went fairly well. I […]

Mackinac Day is Here!!

Finally! The weekend away w/ Michelle is finally here! I crawled out of bed real early this morning, grabbed my White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks, and got into work at 6:45 A.M. Man, the commute this early is fantastic. Took about :45 minutes to get here, tops. If I could only convert to an afternoon […]

What a beautiful couple!

My mom and dad celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on August 21. What a model of a beautiful marriage, and a beautiful couple. My mom and dad are complements for each other. We went over there tonight to celebrate their anniversary in our own, “quiet” family style. We just hung out, talked, and enjoyed an […]