Bunch of stuff

I tried to set a record this morning for 3 miles, but I guess it was a bit too early or too cold (62 degrees) for me. Strange, though, as I set a 6 mile record last week, on the same course, for the most part. It’s the new outdoor course I’ve made near my gym. I start near the gym, run down a hill, into apartments, back out to the road and into a Catholic cemetery which is very beautiful and peaceful. I run for as long as I feel necessary in the cemetery and head back to the gym. I usually have to run around the gym parking lot or sidewalk for a while to make up the remaining mileage. I think the hills on the road killed me this morning! I would LOVE to have had the same drive I had on Friday morning at Stony Creek instead of the gym road course… I would have possibly done even better, since the hills at Stony aren’t even close to the ones near the gym. All in all, an awesome run for me: 23:14 for 3 miles.

Check engine light:
The check engine light went on at some point during the day on Sunday. It stayed on until this morning. On my way to the gym and on my way to work, the light was off. We have a service appointment on Friday morning at 7:30. We still can’t program our HomeLinkTM rearview mirror with our garage door opener. We had no problems programming the Buick Rendezvous, and it’s HomeLinkTM, so maybe something is wrong with it. We also have something wrong with our OnStar VIU as reported by the OnStar tech we called on Sunday. There are a few small, horizontal scratches at the bottom of the trunk that Saab said they’d buff out, and last, but not least, the driver door vibrates when there is a decent amount of sound coming from the door speaker. It has something to do with the seals, the way the door closes, or the way the speaker is mounted. When you push on the door with a little pressure, or pull on the door handle, the vibrating (bzz bzz) goes away. Should be an easy fix. So far, the car is awesome, though. Absolutely!

Slacker, slacker, slacker. I have a presentation today in class, with my group, and I’m still not done with my slide or three or with finalizing the actual Powerpoint file. I’ll get to it today, though. 😀