Blogger upgraded and lots o’ other goodie$

Sweet!!! The new Blogger! Looks pretty damn nice, and it seems to work well in my Mozilla 1.4 RC3 that I have installed here at work.

Finally getting our group together in the same location at work, and I even got a PC upgrade. Went from a 1.13 P3 to a 1.8 P4. I’m happy.

July 4th:
Kind of scatterbrained, as I’m going up North tomorrow with my brother, Danielle, Dan, April, Chris, Bahia, and my lovely wife, Michelle. I can’t wait!!! Have had nothing else on my mind all week! It’s going to be a first time for this group to be hanging out like this for an extended period of time…and no babies! Should be a blast!

I got an A- in my Micro Economics class last 1/2 semester. I have an A, and 2 A-‘s so far in school for a 3.8 GPA. I’m glad.

I am starting to contemplate if I can really afford to go to Vegas in August for Scott’s bachelor party. It would entail taking off two non-paid days from work (I have no vacation days). I already have plans from long back to go camping the weekend before with Pepe and Sarah and Brian and Gretchen. I have to really think hard about whether or not I can make to Vegas.

Mariner’s Bachelor Party:
We had an AWESOME time in Chicago last weekend. There are pictures up at You’ll find them under the 2003 Albums. There are also some video clips of the fun we had and of the annual Gay Pride Parade. There were some VERY colorful anti-gay protesters! Pretty good stuff.