Importing Blogger data

I sure hope I’m able to import my info from Blogger. My first attempt ended in failure. I apparently didn’t set the date format properly when I exported all of my Blogger data. I’ll get to it once the pesky Blogger site is back up and running properly! There appears to be an error on […]

Switching to Movable Type

I think I’m going to give Movable Type ( a try. I’ve heard many good things about it, and quite frankly, I don’t like how Blogger is having technical difficulties right now. I’d rather rely on my own server to post my own Blogs!


Humpday: Happy Humpday! Not much to talk about today. Gina is starting her job in three weeks. She just found out her pay rate, and all seems to be falling in place. I’m very excited for her! Got my protein drinks yesterday from DPS Nutrition, as well as my free T-shirt. I already cut that […]

Bunch of stuff

Running: I tried to set a record this morning for 3 miles, but I guess it was a bit too early or too cold (62 degrees) for me. Strange, though, as I set a 6 mile record last week, on the same course, for the most part. It’s the new outdoor course I’ve made near […]

Family is back from Greece

Family is home! My mom, dad, brother, and Danielle (brother’s fiance) are home from Greece. My parents went for one month and my brother and his fiance went for two weeks. They all had a fantastic time, as usual. My dad wishes he had a car of his own there, so that he wouldn’t have […]


Weekend! I can’t wait for the work day to be over. We have a pretty busy weekend planned. Working on client work tonight, school project tomorrow, shopping in the morning, and dinner at night. Running 13 miles on Sunday and also surprising my parents, brother, and Danielle at the airport. They only think that Gina […]

Personal Best 6 miler

Running: Got up late this morning. Pondered NOT running until after work…but it would’ve been hot. I decided to bit the bullet and do it this morning. I am so glad I did. I got to use my new Times GPS Watch w/ Heart Rate Monitor! The damn watch is AWESOME!!! I put in a […]

One of those days

One of those days: Not sure why… just one of those days. Ate too many carbs at lunch and was tired ALL afternoon. Just like I was last week when I ate at my new favorite scarab restaurant, the Yasmeen Bakery on Warren Avenue!