Week two of training and the house

Can’t believe it’s been a while since I wrote in here. Oh well.


This is week two of marathon training, and I just finished my third weekday run. It was 3 miles, as it was yesterday and Tuesday. It is always VERY hard on Thursdays to get moving, let alone to get out of bed. I look forward to NOT having to run tomorrow. Instead, I’ll do 30 minutes of the stairmaster machine, which is actually kind of fun! It’s been a few weeks, and I’m SLOWLY starting to see some results with my weight training. I wish I could eat as much as a bird does so I could lose weight faster. Then again, losing a pound or two a week couldn’t be too bad! I’m very excited to see what weight training WITH the marathon training can do for me!


I had Dino over the other night to give him a demonstration of the theatre (I like it better than theater). I think he was very impressed. I was very impressed as well. We finally got the speakers we wanted, got the rears installed (always check http://photos.filias.com if you’re interested), and moved the subwoofer into the corner! I can’t wait to rent or get a GOOD action movie to watch!