Finally settling into the crib

First Saturday to actually MOVE into and SET UP the house!!!

If you’re interested, you can always go to and look under 2003 albums!

Front Yard

My parents came over today, pretty early, about 11am. They brought with them a few bags of organic hummus/manure a few impatiens, and two tomato plants for us to plant in the backyard. My mom and Michelle were in the house. Michelle was showing my mom the new washer and dryer we got, and she was also showing her how much laundry she was doing! Bless Michelle’s heart and soul. She basically set up the entire house, on her own. She set up the spare bedroom, what we call “The Reading Room”. This room is a casual and relaxing escape from the everyday world. It’s also a storage facility for our active lifestyles. We’re both training diligently for the Detroit Marathon this October 5. Moving into the master bathroom, she totally organized every single drawer. A complete masterpiece in “easy to use” bathrooms! The master bedroom is gorgeous. She spent most of the day doing laundry, as explained earlier. This wasn’t just washing, drying, and folding/ironing clothes. It was also the reorganization of the century. With our first walk-in closet and our ample drawer space, Michelle single handedly turned our bedroom into a dream come true for utility, relaxation, escape, and love! The kitchen couldn’t be more perfectly organized as well. Every single cupboard and drawer have that foamy mat you lay down so that everything has friction when set on top of it. Our drawers are awesome! Our cupboards are highly useful. The laundry room is fantastic. We got some pretty sweet appliances the other day. The washer and dryer are a marvel of technology. Our dryer senses moisture and dries accordingly. Our washer has a gigantic payload capacity since it doesn’t have one of those spiral and tall agitators! We also chose to get gray for our washer and dryer. We’re going to do something in that shade for the walls of the laundry room, too! Stay tuned!

Ohhh yeah!

I was telling the story of how my dad and I were going to surprise our two women (my mom and Michelle), but ADD got the best of me! But I’m BACK!!! We were going to plant flowers in the long, narrow path that is up against the right side of the walkway and the garage. However, we started that and never stopped until the entire front yard is full of impatiens, mums, and marigolds! All of the landscape lights work, as I had to plug in a light bulb in an empty socket! Simple fix. The previous owner was king enough to have 3 of 4 of those bulbs, ready to go! The only thing we need to do is lay down some darker mulch, make sure we water the flowers every 3 days, and plant the wedding mums that Michelle’s parents brought over for us today. They are mums from our wedding! I can’t wait to plant them!


Michelle and my parents planted the two tomato plants and some marigolds in the backyard, around the dead tree we have facing our bedroom (too bad the tree is dead, as it would be a great privacy tool). We will probably cut down the tree and leave just a stump there so the flowers and tomatoes have a happy summer!

Computer Room

The computer room is basically done. We need to get a stand or stands for the two printers. I’d like to get something to sit above my subwoofer that holds my printer and some paper. We’ll see. The room is going to stay the way it is. The blue wall color is perfect. There is a nice feeling of cleanliness in the computer room!

Living Room

I can’t believe I live in the living room I own at this moment. I am so glad that Chris came over and helped (did) the wiring for the rear speakers! The entire theatre looks and sounds awesome! It’s the best stereo/theatre I’ve EVER had in my possession! The new Definitive BP-8 fronts sound amazing. They sound wonderful!


It’s ALMOST clean. Still a few more things to clean up and put away. Soon enough, we’ll be parking both cars in the garage!

Great day

Today was a great day! I love my wife! I love my parents! I love my friends!