We Moved!!!

We did it! We moved out of our apartment and into our FIRST HOUSE!!! The weekend was so exciting! So many people came over to help us move, to help us with lawnwork (thanks, Chris, for your help and your lawn equipment!), to help us with decorating ideas, to help us go shopping for new speakers, etc.! The house couldn’t be a more perfect fit for Michelle and I. We are so blessed to have our health and to have each other. We are also very blessed to have our families so nearby and so loving. My dad came over unannounced on Saturday, while we were moving. He wanted to be around and watch what was going on. He’s the best. Michelle’s mom and dad came by last night with a housewarming gift of a pointed shovel, the kind we needed. In exchange, Taco Tommy got himself an 18V Drill and Flashlight set from Sears from me. I had recently bought an 18V powertool set from Milwaukee Tools, so I didn’t need two drills and two lights. Everyone loved the house. I’m so happy.

I can’t believe how helpful our dads were on Friday. Michelle and I took the day off and our dads, who are retired, met us for breakfast at Honey Tree at 8am. Well, my dad came at 9am, as my mom gave him the wrong location. We eventually straightened it out. I think my dad needs a cell phone from AT&T (no contract, buy your own minutes). Anyway, we worked ourselves to the bone that day, moving boxes, nightstands, computers, etc. I am so glad our dads are healthy, especially mine, who almost died 8+ years ago. He was a champ, trying to move nightstands on his own, etc. Although he can do the labor, there is no reason for him. Eventually, he got a little worn out that day, as I saw him NEED to take a break and sit down in the garage. Anyway, we ended the day with a late lunch at the Olive Garden with my dad, and Michelle’s parents. It was a nice end.

I love her. She basically set up the entire house on her own. She set up the kitchen to a T. She set up the great room’s furniture. She set up how the bathrooms are and how the bedroom is. She’s got her day off from work today (she works four tens), so she’s going to organize the closet(s). God bless her. To make matters a bit tricky, she developed a cold on Saturday. She fought through it to go to her sister’s 30th surprise birthday party on Saturday and a wedding shower for Natascha (Kinski) yesterday. She’s my little trooper, and I love her SOOOOOOOO much! What did I do? I set up the computer room (not done yet) and the home entertainment center (not done yet). I cut the lawn, trimmed our first (smaller) tree in the front yard, and weedwacked the backyard. Chris edged and weedwacked the front yard. I am so excited about this house business!!!