Working on the house!!

House: Pretty much all weekend was spent working on the house in one way, shapre, or form. Saturday was spent power-washing (more watching than doing). My father-in-law, Tom, and his brother, Dick, did the honors. My dad also came by to watch and show me around the flowers and tomato plants as well. The powerwashing, […]

Ford 100 — didn’t bring the camera

What a retard! I had my camera yesterday and took all sorts of pictures…in the RAIN!!! Today, though, it started to clear up. On the way in, I saw 100s of awesome classic cars…should have brought the camera. What a maroon! I will bring it on Monday and go nuts with it. I haven’t seen […]

Finally settling into the crib

First Saturday to actually MOVE into and SET UP the house!!! If you’re interested, you can always go to and look under 2003 albums! Front Yard My parents came over today, pretty early, about 11am. They brought with them a few bags of organic hummus/manure a few impatiens, and two tomato plants for us […]

We Moved!!!

House: We did it! We moved out of our apartment and into our FIRST HOUSE!!! The weekend was so exciting! So many people came over to help us move, to help us with lawnwork (thanks, Chris, for your help and your lawn equipment!), to help us with decorating ideas, to help us go shopping for […]