Can’t wait to hit the strip, working out, bent wheels

Drag Race day at Milan:
I am so excited!!! The day is finally here. Dan’s friend from work is in some Porsche club and is part of an organized test and tune event at Milan Dragway today. Of course, the invitation was extended to all sorts of people. Dan and I will finally have a chance to run our 2.8l powerplants against each other. He has a 1998 Audi A4 and I have a 1998 VW Golf GTI VR6 (that I’m trying to sell!). We offered the invitation to Josh, as I wanted to race his Focus SVT, but he couldn’t commit to coming. No worries. Castellano is going to make it, though, as a spectator. Oh yeah, Norman couldn’t make it, either, as he has family commitments. Again, no worries!

Working out w/ Demo and Co.:
I decided that I would try and work out with Demo, Ike, and Jason at the Powerhouse Gym on 10 and Telegraph. Yesterday, we did back, after doing 30 minutes of cardio. Ike and I ran, Demo and Jason did the stairclimber. Tomorrow, we are meeting up to do arms! I am very excited. I can’t even beging to explain what a positive difference it is to work out with partners. HUGE DIFFERENCE. You get those last few reps each set, and you also get that mental and social “push” from your friends. I might even consider continuing to work out there either during marathon training, which starts June 3, or after it’s all done and my gym membership at World’s Gym in Rochest is up. Kind of silly to pay for two memberships. I’m sure I could find a way to get out of my contract at World’s, especially because I work 25 miles or more away from the gym.

Bent wheels:
I hate Michigan roads… it’s halfway to Spring, and the roads suck…the winter snow and ice took a toll on the roads. There are potholes EVERYWHERE. I feel and here that loud thud at least once per day. I am so sick of the roads that if I decided to keep my car, I’d probably put the stock 15″ wheels back on the car and get new tires (as I don’t have 15″ tires). I’d get my 17s straightened out and I’d sell them. Damn roads!