Johnny and Jacqui get married

Johnny and Jacqui’s wedding:
We had a great time last night at the wedding. We got to the Royalty House at about 3:05PM. The wedding was set to start at 4:00PM, up in the loft area that Dino and I used to terrorize at all the Greek weddings we used to go to when we were young. Seating was a little bit limited, so a few of us stood in the back. I’d say we had the best “seats” in the house. I took all sorts of pictures of the pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremony which can be found, as always, at!

Mr. Gordon:
One of my favorite parts about going to weddings in the Dutkiewicz family is the chance to see Mr. Gordon, Mike. He’s one of the best/coolest teachers we had at Fuhrmann Junior High School and Warren Senior High School. He was one of those teachers that served as a “counselor” to students, even though he wasn’t one. He was always “in the know” of what was going on, who was cool, who was a creep, and everything else that mattered the most to us when we were in our young adult years! Thanks, Mr. Gordon! Mr. Gordon even says he enjoys seeing me at these events. Heck, I didn’t even think about the chance that I’d see him and his wife, Kayla, last night…so when I saw him, I was ecstatic! By the end of the night, we were BSing in the lobby and sharing a stogy! Good times, that’s for sure!

Lazy Sunday:
I think we are going to forfeit going to the gym, which has been forfeited since Wednesday for the both of us. I was supposed to go to the gym on Friday to do “boulders” as Demo calls them (shoulders), but didn’t, due to hanging out with Alex and Rae the night before. I had a few too many Heineken’s, which caused me to have an alcohol headache in the morning. Sadly, if I’d have waited about :45 minutes, I’d have been able to hit the gym, and make it to work a little bit later than normal, say, 9:00AM. Oh well. Saturday was supposed to be arms, and that didn’t happen either, due to helping dad till his garden, getting the BroilerMaster BBQ from Michelle’s friend Ray for $80 (great deal), and doing the whole wedding thing. So, why spoil (not really) Sunday with spending 2 hours at the gym when we can go gallivanting around town looking for and buying things for our house, which we move into 11 days, yes, count ’em, 11 days!! Yippee!!!

May 29-31:
The “moving party” has grown for May 31 from being just Michelle, me, David Duck, and Jon to also including Dino and Danielle, and probably Gina!!! It’s going to be a blast! Me, Michelle, and Taco Tommy are going to do a lot of the small moving on May 30. We’ve decided that I’ll take that day off…why not? So I lose a day of pay….beh! Who cares?