Demo’s Shuttle, Video Card Grief, Athena is tender, Sell the Damn GTI?, Pistons!!!

Another Shuttle Box:
I built my cousin, Demo, a Shuttle SN41G2 box. His sports a Barton 2500 processor, 512MB of Kingston HyperX PC2700 memory, a 120GB Seagate Barracuda V 7200 RPM hard drive set to “quiet” mode, a Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro, an LG DVD/48x CD-Burner combo drive, a Samsung SyncMaster 191T Silver LCD monitor (like mine), and a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo! The thing looks and runs excellent. Oh yeah, he also has the Logitech Z-680 DTS/THX Speaker system. These speakers kick some serious ass!

My video card grief
I have no clue why I am being plagued with having to use my LCD monitor with the analog VGA output that my Shuttle box has (GF4 MX)… I may have fried my first GF4 Ti4600 video card by 7-volting the cooling fine. Maybe it wasn’t secured onto the chip hard enough… not sure. So I finally got my replacement from NewEgg the other day. This card is faulty. It has permanent artifacts all over the place, and when it actually gets into Windows, the video actually comes in and out (turns on and off). I think it has some sort of syncing issue.

Meeting Tom
One of my older fraternity brothers is coming over tonight to pick up Michelle’s old computer and monitor. I think it’s a damn good deal for the both of us. I get to do a little “Spring Cleaning” of my PC stuff and Tom gets himself a machine that is pretty much bullet-proof!

Week one of three
We are taking Athena Lillian Samson to church on Sunday to have her receive her first of three-in-a-row communions! We are both so very honored to do this. Also, Michelle’s cousin, Stephanie, is having her first communion on Sunday! I guess it’s a religious kind of day this Sunday!

Am I ever going to sell it? We let our tagged CTS go. If another one comes up, GM will let us know. The reality is that we probably should just keep my car until it dies… that would be the best financial decision… we could even go ahead and pay more on the payment each month to try and get out of having a car payment entireley…like Dino does!

3 more weeks to go!! It’s been fun to watch Demo and Cindy move into their house in Oak Park! It looks like it’s a good time, non-stop!! I cannot wait for this to happen for Michelle and I!!!

Wow, they are 2-0 in the 2nd round of the playoffs agains the 76ers! Iverson choked last night and missed 2 free throws that would have probably won them the game! Tayshaun Prince was a rookie-hero for the Pistons last night! Maybe SOMETHING good can happen to a Detroit sports team this year!!!