Trying different ways to work

So I tried a new commute to work today. 🙂 I took I-75 to I-94. Worked out very well. I think it was my fastest commute yet, considering I got onto I-75 at Rochester Road instead of just taking Mound down to I-696. I HAD to get my White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks

Getting pretty excited about this whole house thing. Life is full of ups and downs, me guesses.

I can’t believe I’m getting my LCD monitor today. I just ordered it yesterday, thought it was going to ship on or before April 15. Didn’t think it’d ship on the day it was ordered. Dell is too BIG for that!!! Good thing they have a distribution center in Indiana!

Now I just have to sell my two monitors, and get the Shuttle boxes ordered!

Have a good day for now…it’s kind of early.