I can’t believe it, I finally found a job!

Oh boy!!! Finally! I got a job!!! Yippee!!! Six long months, and yes, they were very long. They were a little bit fun at first; I could stay up late at night, playing computer games, doing my “computer lifing” and all, sleeping in, etc. However, what I didn’t do during those first few months was hit the gym and hit it hard. I was lazy, partially depressed, if you will. I won’t, I never get depressed, but a man’s spirits get a little bit low when you find yourself in that predicament.

Now, however, things have changed. I’ve started working out, religiously, four weeks ago, so things are going well in the exercise and muscle-building area, and also, I found a job, with a very large company. I’ll be working for Ford as a contractor for six months, and then I’ll be brought in, direct, as a Ford employee. This is all part of their PreView program, designed to bring people into Ford, and possibly into their IT arena. I believe their new CIO wants to “bring in” a lot of the IT work that was once outsourced as a push to strengthen their core comptencies! Let it happen. Here I am, over here…here…here!!!

So, I go into this weekend happy as hell. My wife, Michelle, is THRILLED to death that she’s not the sole breadwinner anymore. We can continue looking for a house again, and resume where we left off on September 20, 2002. I am HOPING I start work on March 24 so I can have some free time to finally ENJOY my time off and go visit my friends out in Phoenix, maybe even get some sun!

Have a good weekend!