Just started the job!

I have started the new job. It’s a little bit slow at first, but what do you expect…I’m getting trained and I’m sharing a cube and a PC. I HOPE my request for a new PC comes through…if not, I’m going to have to fight hard to get some more memory in this thing, as […]

Can’t a brutha go on a vacation?

My attempts to get out-of-town this weekend were thwarted every which way I turned. First, I wanted to go to Phoenix, couldn’t. Tickets were too much, and the looming war scared my wife. She didn’t want anything to happen to me. Who’s to blame her? Second, I wanted to visit some of my friends in […]

I can’t believe it, I finally found a job!

Oh boy!!! Finally! I got a job!!! Yippee!!! Six long months, and yes, they were very long. They were a little bit fun at first; I could stay up late at night, playing computer games, doing my “computer lifing” and all, sleeping in, etc. However, what I didn’t do during those first few months was […]

Spring is almost here!

Here we are, at the beginning of March… ALMOST Spring… OH boy!!! With Spring comes nice weather, fun thunderstorms, and the beginning of outdoor season. What’s outdoor season? Well, it’s that season in Michigan where you can actually start playing outside, planning to play outside, and WANTING to play outside. Playing outside can be a […]