Thea Sofoula died! DAMN IT!

It’s been a pretty rough week, filled with good news and bad news.

The good news: It was my birthday on January 23. Axim Users Dot Com has started to take off, with over 300 users registered now! A few websites, mainly Pocket PC Thoughts, posted a small blurb on my site, drawing nearly 100 users over to my site. Thanks Pocket PC Thoughts, and thanks to the other, smaller sites, who mentioned my site on their home page or in their discussion forums.

The bad news: My dear aunt Sophia passed away on January 22. She was my dad’s only remaining sister. My dad follower her here from Greece back in the late 60s. She came in the late 50s. She’s the only blood relative we had living near us, here in Detroit. She was the pillar of our family, and a great woman. She’s going to be deeply missed. I am still in shock over her death. However, her death was very peaceful. We were all in the hospital room when her blood pressure and pulse slowly crept into a deep sleep. šŸ™ Although it came as a surprise, the sight of her in the hospital was horrible, and seeing her at “peace” is a beautiful thing.