Favorite Icons

Thanks to Dan, I’ve now got Favorite Icons for www.computerninja.com and for www.aximusers.com. Thanks again, Dan!

I’ve figured out how to sync my Axim X5 via WiFi (802.11b). You can read details of this at www.aximusers.com.

I’ve also figured out how to use my cell phone to get online, using IR and my Axim X5. You can read about this on the site mentioned above, also. If I get really frisky with this, maybe I’ll get a bluetooth card, but I can’t see myself actually NEEDING to get online so much that I’ll need to spend the $$$ on the bluetooth and the data bill from AT&T Wireless!

Okay, off to a night of Vasilopita (Greek New Year’s cake) and Scrabble with Chuck and Heather! Let’s hope Michelle and I can beat them, collectively!