I love the holidays!!!

Holiday Week:
The holiday week and weekend have been very fun. Celebrated Dan’s birthday on Friday, and had a surprise birthday party last night! Man, the party last night was like a wedding. I think I’ve been to weddings that were smaller than this!!

Snowboarding trip:
Going to Blue Mountain tomorrow morning for 3 days of snowboarding. Excited and nervous at the same time… every year, I slightly regress at the beginning of snowboarding season. It often takes up to 1 full day to get the hang of it again!

Dell Axim X5:
I can’t get over how awesome this pocket pc is. I got the memory and 802.11b network card. It’s a damn good time!!!

Parents’ birthday dinner:
We had a very nice family birthday dinner for my mom and dad tonight. They have birthdays on Dec. 23 and Jan. 6. We took them out to eat, just our immediate family and significant others. Very nice time, relaxing, warm.

New Year’s Resolution:
Start exercising again (too many people say this) and get back into training (marathon). I want to run the Oct. 5, 2003, Detroit marathon! I want to improve my time. I want to try to get under 180 pounds, as I was so close this summer, 180.4, I think. I think I’m up to about 187 pounds now…still, it’s much better than 205+ that I was a year ago.