Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (LATE!)!!!

My wife, Michelle, bought me the Dell Axim X5. Okay, I have to admit, I kind of had an idea about it. There weren’t too many things she could buy me that I didn’t already have. Well, today, I ordered some SD memory and an 802.11b CompactFlash card for it. Should be neat to have that puppy wireless in here!

I bought her a Swiss Army watch, very similar to the one I got for myself a few weeks ago, but I had mine wrapped as an XMAS gift, as well! She loved her watch! My brother got us Juiceman Pro, or whatever it’s called. We got a bunch of other knick knacks, like snowboarding helmets, as we’re going to Blue Mountain for New Year’s and for Valentine’s Day. We’re not able to make it out West or out East this year… we’re trying to conserve a little bit!

I got a few phone calls yesterday from my cousins, asking for computer help. I told one of them they can help themselves, it’s not tough. The other needs a new PC, pretty much, as they got Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3, and their PC is pretty old. Pentium II 400, with a RivaTNT video card. Not even close to being able to play today’s games! We’ll set them up!