Hilljack Computer Show

The computer show was dirty as hell. I didn’t want to break it to Chris and Scott, because I wanted them to experience it for themselves. We had a joke going that most people that go to computer shows wear trenchcoats and high-tops. Well, we saw a guy with a black pleather trenchcoat with brown workboots. It was a riot!!! The only good thing about the show was that I got some good web development books, 3 for $50.

So, I got the XP1800+, put it in, ran my first 3DMark2001SE at 10×180 and I almost bested my highest score that I had with the XP2000+, and this was at a much lower FSB.

So, now, I get this thing to do a 3DMark at 10×195, 1950MHz… get this, the damn thing is coming in lower by almost 400-500 points when compared to when it was running at 1800MHz. Could there be a point where the FSB is actually hurting my score? Do I need to just keep it at 180 and tweak the multiplier? This is madness!!!!