Computer Madne$$

Yesterday was a busy day. I worked at Vintage King all day, updating their site as we prepare for a launch, hopefully today!

I swung by Scott’s after work and unlocked his XP1600+. Let me tell you. I don’t know what it is, but his rig was able to come within 300 3DMarks of my score, and at 16 MHz LESS FSB, and even 50+ less on the CPU MHz. Good for him!!! However, I couldn’t let that rest, and I updated my drivers this morning to 41.09, lowered my desktop resolution to 1024×768 and lowered the refresh rate to 60Hz. I was able to break 14,000 3DMarks finally!!! My 3DMark 2001SE Score.

Also last night, I went by Kenny’s to upgrade his computer from an Athlon 500 (running at 600 with the help of a golden finger tool) to an Athlon XP1600+. He also went from a Voodoo3 3000 to a GF4 Ti4200. I tried Serious Sam 2 on his box, but it kept freezing up. I believe the 250W power supply is suspect. Kind of sucks, as I wanted him to see what kind of games he’ll be able to play now. Oh well. We’ll get him squared away. I also sold him a 40GB IBM Deskstart 60GXP I had laying around…so that was nice, for both of us.