Working on a report that is due at the end of the month. Firs time doing it solo. Had some help last year on it, but I should be okay. It's been fun doing it the 2nd time around.What else? Getting ready to have the next two Fridays off. Hopefully my work report allows for me to have them off. In other words, I hope to be able to get my work done and have some breating room.I've recently had Wide Open West bring me high speed internet. Comcast just can't seem to get it right. They finally gave me 3 full months of credit for the internet portion of my service on top of the whopping $25 credit they gave me when I called on Sunday. So far, Wide Open West has been good, but I've had to use some 3rd party DNS servers, as the ones that Wide Open West provides seem to be janky. I did a Google search and found that - were open DNS servers that people who were complaining about Wide Open West's DNS servers were using. I made the switch last night, and didn't have nay problems with sites not initially loading up. I had this problem where I'd try to go to a site, like, and it wouldn't load at all, then I'd refresh, and it would either load, or load partially, missing the stylesheet, or images, or something else. I assumed it was a DNS issue, and I think I'm right. We shall see.