Great news. Wordpress updated to version 3.3. Lots of changes, mostly helpful for folks who run multiple sites. I'm pleased. Here are the highlights of Wordpress 3.3:


  • Easier Uploading
    • File Type Detection - A single upload button
    • Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader

  • Dashboard Design

    • New Toolbar in the dashboard, combining the Admin Bar and admin header
    • Responsive design for some screens, including iPad/tablet support
    • Flyout menus, providing single-click access to any screen

  • New User Experience

    • New feature pointers, helping users navigate new features
    • Post-update About screen
    • Dashboard welcome area for new installs

  • Content Tools

    • Better co-editing that releases post locks immediately
    • Don't lose widgets when switching themes
    • Tumblr Importer

  • Under the Hood improvements

    • Use the postname permalink structure without a performance penalty
    • Improved Editor API
    • is_main_query() function and WP_Query method
    • Remove a number of funky characters from post slugs
    • jQuery 1.7.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.16
    • A new Screen API for adding help documentation and adapting to screen contexts
    • Improved metadata API

  • Performance improvements and hundreds of bug fixes

I'm loving the new toolbar. I'm loving that they moved Network Admin right under the My Sites menu item. LOVE THAT!