So, today was my first attempt at getting from Lower Manhattan to West Orange, NJ, where my Microsoft ASP training class is being taught. Here's how it went down:

I woked up at about 5:30, with no help from an alarm clock for some crazy reason. I actually got out the door at about 6:00, a bit earlier than I had planned (6:30). I walked out the door and turned left, like practiced yesterday. At St. Mark, I turned left and walked one block and then turned right. OOPS. I was supposed to go two blocks, which I found out after walking an extra FIVE blocks too far. No worries. I had plenty of time. Made it to Starbucks where I grabbed a coffee but forgot to use my corporate credit card OR get a receipt. Oh well. I had a protein bar for breakfast. Tasty stuff.

Anyway, after the coffee, I get out of Starbucks and turn left at the end of the street, as practiced. I got into the station and took the train to the Times Square exit. I could have actually gone one or two farther that would have prevented me having to WALK that extra two blocks, but the exercise was good. So, I ask a guy emptying the garbage where the PABT (Port Authority Bus Terminal) is, and he says: "You're in it!". I turn around, and lo and behold, I was right in front of it. I quickly figured out which ticket counter to get my tickets for the 66/66R bus trip to and fro West Orange, NJ. $51.50 for 10 tickets. Purchased with corporate credit card. Nice and easy. And that's that. I was about :45 early for the bus trip, so I read the Daily News while I waited. The bus ride was nice and fast. It left at 7:30 and dropped me off at the stop at 8:10. Nice and fast. What sucked was that I had to walk about one mile (~10 mins.) to get to the Residence Inn. And here I am, on my lunch break with no means to get lunch. There's no restaurant in the hotel and none within walking distance. Oh well. I'll plan ahead for tomorrow.