Apple's at it again. They announced today, the release of their iPod Photo. Color screen (65,000 colors), album art, photo syncing. What else could you ask for? Perhaps a media card reader? Or at least a slimline media reader that you'd plug into the dock connector?

Information on iPod Photo at Apple

I think the album art is cooler than the photos. Who wants to view photos on a teeny, tiny screen? However, it comes with AV cables so you can display them on your television. iPod photo optimizes the photos to fit on either a 4:3 or 16:9 televison. I guess it'd be cool to fire up a slide show, playing music, all from your iPod.

I think it's funny they have this hooked up to a Sony television, as Sony is directly competing with this product, with their VAIO Digital Music Player (VGF-AP1L).