I hate that I got up at 7:09 this morning. All I was able to do was run my four miles and head to work, 45 mins. late! Some days just aren't better than others.

On a side note, I had my 2nd FFL draft yesterday with David and Carlos! It went fairly well. I got 1. Shaun Alexander, 2. Tiki Barber, 3. Joe Horn, 4. Aaron Brooks, 5. Peerless Price, 6. Bubba Franks, 7. Drew Bledsoe, 8. Lav. Coles, 9. Martin Gramatica, 10. Kevan Barlow, 11. Patrick Ramsey, 12. Onterrio Smith, 13. Chris Chambers, 14. Packers. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my draft. I have three more drafts for a total of five!! One tonight, one tomorrow night, and one next Wednesday night!