Windows XP still at 29% market share

So I’m reading this article over at Ars Technica that talks about how Windows XP is near its end of life for support from Microsoft (April 8). It has all kinds of graphs and charts that say one thing: Microsoft is still winning the OS and browser war. What else it shows is that with […]

Postbox/Thunderbird and profiles

So, I recently went through an exercise where I archived old mail in my GMail account. My inbox was ENORMOUS, like 80000+ emails. In doing this archiving, it seems that Postbox (an e-mail client based on Thunderbird that costs $29.95. Seems expensive when most e-mail clients are free (come with your OS), or webmail systems […]

Beware IE7 Standalone on Windows 7!!

So, I wanted to test something at work using IE7 as a standalone app since you can’t have multiple versions of it running in Windows (we’ll get to this later). I had previously been using IE7 Standalone on Windows XP and loved it. I had no idea it would hose some file registrations in Windows […]