My morning run

I took my first morning run in many, many months today before I started working. I decided to do my usual 3 miles which is from outside my front door to the Riverbends Park in Shelby Township, which is across Auburn Road from me. On my way BACK from the halfway point, I noticed a […]

Adidas 1

$250 for a pair of shoes????? Adidas puts computer on new footing By Michael McCarthy, USA TODAY NEW YORK ? Hoping the new Adidas 1 will be to the sneaker industry what Apple’s iPod has been to digital music, Adidas will put on sale March 18 what it bills as the world’s first computerized “smart […]

Two more lessons learned

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention these other lessons: HUMIDITY — this killed me. Can’t control this one, either. OBESITY — I could’ve been 10 pounds lighter, or even more. This year, I never dieted. I ate whatever I wanted. I thought I was doing well, since many of my runs were in record time […]

Runner Tracking during the Race this Weekend

I was wrong about the map tracking. You can only track via e-mail. I guess it’ll send you e-mail when I cross certain points. Just go there, create an account (as required) and then search for Filias. There, you’ll be able to tell it to email you when I cross the finish line, midpoint, […]