Stuttering Bluetooth Audio Fix Mac OS X (El Capitan)

So, I was watching a video at work as part of my training yesterday using my Jaybird Bluebuds X In-Ear Headset without any problems on a brand new MacBook Pro 13-inch. I started work today where I left off and the audio was choppy. I disconnected these Bluebuds from my Mac and connected to my […]

Getting SpeedFan to start in Windows 7/8.x

I have been a big fan of Almico’s SpeedFan for probably as many years as it’s been out. I used to be in love with the app because I overclocked the heck out of my computers and wanted to keep track of various temperatures: CPU, GPU, Chipset, Case, and others. I also wanted to keep […]

Speed up your Android’s Chrome Browser

I’m not normally looking to make changes like this… who am I kidding? Of course I am. I’m a speed freak. I love pushing my technology to the limit. Thanks to reddit user¬†erythrocytes64, you can make a simple change to a Chrome flag. Go into Chrome and surf to chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area.¬†Set that to 512 instead of […]

Right Click: New > Folder SUCKS!

Have you always wondered if there was a BETTER way to make a new folder in Windows 7 (and 8)? I loathe having to right-click in my current folder and choosing New > Folder. The New submenu is usually WAY at the bottom of the context menu.   I did a little digging today and […]

Transform your Netgear R4500 (Costco model) to WNDR4500 (retail model)

So, in preparation for moving, I bought a new router since I needed to have both households up and online while we had a 10 day transition period, or so. One of the features I was looking for in buying a router for this was being able to turn my Brother multifunction printer into one […]

Fixing Explorer crashing due to MKV files

Could I have finally found the solution to my problem that has been plaguing me ever since I started messing around with MKV files? It seems that traversing around my filesystem, in folders that have an abundance of MKV files, my explorer.exe would crash, at least 66% of the time. I’ve tried disabling thumbnails for […]

Beware IE7 Standalone on Windows 7!!

So, I wanted to test something at work using IE7 as a standalone app since you can’t have multiple versions of it running in Windows (we’ll get to this later). I had previously been using IE7 Standalone on Windows XP and loved it. I had no idea it would hose some file registrations in Windows […]

Switch Tabs in Google Chrome Keystrokes

Ever wanted to keep your hands on the keyboard and navigate your tabs in Google Chrome? Well, I try to keep my hands on the keyboard as much as possible, so I took to Google to search for this, and wallah, it led me to this info: To switch to the next tab: Ctrl+Tab or […]