Speed up your Android’s Chrome Browser

I’m not normally looking to make changes like this… who am I kidding? Of course I am. I’m a speed freak. I love pushing my technology to the limit. Thanks to reddit user erythrocytes64, you can make a simple change to a Chrome flag. Go into Chrome and surf to chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area. Set that to 512 instead of […]

Windows XP still at 29% market share

So I’m reading this article over at Ars Technica that talks about how Windows XP is near its end of life for support from Microsoft (April 8). It has all kinds of graphs and charts that say one thing: Microsoft is still winning the OS and browser war. What else it shows is that with […]

Should Kids Learn to Code?

I was reading some of my tech sites this morning when I noticed an article that discussed the computer science education we give our youth. I remember, way back in 1982/83, when math was boring to me (I finished our assignments rather quickly), and my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Luther, was searching for something to […]

Transition from Comcast Digital Voice to Google Voice

So, my transition from Comcast Digital Voice to Google Voice is complete. Here are the steps I took (mostly in this order): 1) Signed up for a Google Voice account, got a number to use in the 586 area code. 2) Bought an ObiTalk 110 from Amazon.com for $50. 3) Bought an AT&T GoPhone from Best Buy last […]