A-R-S Technica

This article from Huffington Post (I’m not an avid reader, just happened this way) came into my radar about one of my favorite websites of all time, Ars Technica. On average, I visit this site about 6 days a week. I’ve been a reader of this site since it started back in 1998. I’ve even […]

Converting WordPress to a Static Site

I’m having some strong considerations regarding converting one of my two sites to a static file website running on Ghost hosted at Digital Ocean. I’ve always been intrigued about performance and removing the fat that comes with WordPress. Don’t get me wrong. I love WordPress for all that it is, but I’m thinking that for […]

Brave Browser So Far and WordPress Innovations

I was just about to write a quick little blog post about how I think the Brave browser is nice and fast, but then I tired to get into Google Sheets to look something up and it didn’t work in Brave. Neither did logging into my WordPress (self-hosted) site. I had to switch to Safari […]

My first 3 computers

I was looking around the ‘net today and found this cool site: www.oldcomputers.net. Vic-20 I had this computer in the 3rd grade, for about a month. We got sick of it quickly and got a Commodore 64 instead. Commodore 64 This computer was the base of my entire existence, damn-near, from 1983 – 1986 or […]