2017 into 2018

Lots of new things to discuss as we closed out 2017 and bring in 2018.

My kids are getting old enough now that D&D is something we are going to start playing from time to time. I had such a desire to play when I was young but it just never worked out past a few attempts with both my brother and friends at rainy day lunch recesses during 6th grade.

  • Cryptocurrencies
    • BTC
    • LTC
    • ETH
    • XRP
  • D&D
    • Not only playing but DMing for my two boys – super excited about this!
    • Starting out with the D&D Starter Set
  • Working smarter
    • Less clutter on the desk
    • Less clutter digitally as well
  • Consolidating hosting business
    • Moving off of dedicated server –
    • Far fewer sites to host
    • Save money
  • Teaching online
    • No more driving an hour to teach
    • Not only that, but also going to be teaching 2 sections – WIN WIN!