Here’s to Hosting at Digital Ocean

So Alex as well as others I follow have been talking about Digital Ocean for quite some time. I’ve always been intrigued by these “server in a button” systems and was pretty excited to see how quick and easy it was to get a server set up at Digital Ocean, install a Ghost droplet and get cracking.

I did, however, run into a few snafus along the way, but those were mostly tied to the fact that the Ghost blog is still a wee bit immature as its importing functionality is just not that robust. It couldn’t handle my 12 years worth of blog posts that my WordPress blog had, all 3MB of JSON export.

Luckily for me, the kind man, @davidb, at Ghost, was able to troubleshoot and eventually fix this for me by splitting up my 3MB JSON file into pieces that were about 700kb each… lo and behold, my blog is now up and running (here).