Brave Browser So Far and WordPress Innovations

I was just about to write a quick little blog post about how I think the Brave browser is nice and fast, but then I tired to get into Google Sheets to look something up and it didn’t work in Brave.

Neither did logging into my WordPress (self-hosted) site. I had to switch to Safari so that I could write this pots.

The thing I was going to post about Brave was this image of the ad replacement that Brave is supposed to be one of its main features.


Regardless of the grief, after all, this IS a beta, I am pretty excited about Brave. I just hope it doesn’t turn into an Opera browser… had lots of promise, but never really “took off” as far as I’m concerned. Maybe others felt differently about that, but not me.

What’s even more exciting, as I write this, is that I was able to log into to post to my self-hosted sites… not only that, now has desktop apps that I can’t wait to get my fast-fingers all over!!!