Getting SpeedFan to start in Windows 7/8.x

I have been a big fan of Almico’s SpeedFan for probably as many years as it’s been out. I used to be in love with the app because I overclocked the heck out of my computers and wanted to keep track of various temperatures: CPU, GPU, Chipset, Case, and others. I also wanted to keep track of the RPMs of the fans associated with those components.

As I have grown up (some say I haven’t – I say I haven’t), I’ve shifted my love of SpeedFan to be more of a sanity-app. I want to slow the speed of my various fans so it doesn’t sound like I work and play in a wind tunnel. SpeedFan does a great job with this function, really, it does!

The one that has plagued me ever since moving to Windows 7, however, has been that I could never get SpeedFan to start on its own. Whether it be via placing a shortcut in the Startup group or making a scheduled task, it just never worked. I had to manually start it every time I start up my computer. Pain in the ass if you ask me.

That all changed today when I stumbled upon this simple YouTube video that pointed out that I needed to set a delay before it started. Wallah. Lo and behold. It works.