Nexus 5

I thought I loved the HTC One.  I was wrong. I LOVE the Nexus 5. Why?

Unlocked right from the get go.  Tethering on AT&T without having to run alternate ROM, splendid. Seemingly less or no issues with group text or MMS like I had with the HTC One. I even had those issues running Cyanogenmod 10 and 11. Let’s hope I don’t have those issues again.

The phone is fast. Quad core 2260 vs quad core 1700. It has the same resolution as the HTC One and other current Android phones in a 5″ screen. It doesn’t feel big. Physically,  it’s about the same size as the HTC One was.


Wireless Qi charging is pretty damn slick. I bought a Black Powerbot from Amazon for $25 rather than paying $50 from Google for the Nexus charger.


I also bought a Diztronic black TPU plastic case for $10. Had the same case for my iPhone 5 and loved it.


Maybe LG makes a nicer device than HTC? I’m not sure about that as I’ve only ever had iPhones in recent years and HTC and LG are my first foray into Android land.

I’m really looking forward to using this thing over the next few months. I’ll probably buy a Nexus 6 if they come out with one. I love that this phone isn’t bound by a contract or a carrier and it’s really a high quality piece of computing smallness!