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New technology could make the next iPhone extra thin

Over the years, most mobile phone handsets have become much smaller and thinner. There are many reasons why people like this, whether is is for ease and convenience of transportation or simply a more attractive look. Apple has always been one step ahead of the market with respect to this and many other factors, and now it looks as though they are once again going to set the precedent for a new development. A report from Digitimes has stated that the American company could begin using in-cell touch display technology in order to make the next iPhone even thinner than previous models.

This technology works by replacing a display that features a number of separate layers with in-cell touch display technology. This reduces the number of layers therefore the size and thickness of the phone. Apple fans, who can do everything from playing Sweden – PartyPoker on their iPads to listen to music on their iPods while jogging, have been waiting for the next development from the famous technology company. Apple are expected to source its in-cell displays from Sharp and Toshiba, and the new development will once again place them at the top of the technology tree.

If the integration of this technology proves to be successful, then it will have many advantages for the iPhone user. The in-cell technology will streamline the manufacturing process, which in turn will eventually reduce the cost and drive the efficiencies of the product. As well as making it thinner, the in-cell technology should also make the new phone lighter and generally more convenient to use. As with everything that Apple comes out with, this new development is expected to create a lot of excitement and it will be interesting to see how much of an effect it has on the overall design of the famous iPhone.