Transition from Comcast Digital Voice to Google Voice

So, my transition from Comcast Digital Voice to Google Voice is complete.
Here are the steps I took (mostly in this order):
1) Signed up for a Google Voice account, got a number to use in the 586 area code.
2) Bought an ObiTalk 110 from for $50.
3) Bought an AT&T GoPhone from Best Buy last week for $5, on sale from $10.
4) Bought a $15 card from 7-Eleven as the phone needs to have minutes on it to be able to be truly active and forward calls temporarily to my Google Voice Account.
5) Configured ObiTalk 110 to connect to my Google Voice account.
6) Unplugged phones from Comcast modem and plugged them into ObiTalk 110.
7) Initiated a number porting of my home number to AT&T (on the Go Phone).
8) A few days later, the port was complete and my Go Phone had my home phone number.
9) I enabled call forwarding on the Go Phone to ring my Google Voice number (which is tied into my home phones).
10) I initiated a number porting from AT&T > Google Voice. Google only ports from mobile numbers.
11) 24 hours later, Google Voice has my home phone number.
12) I called Comcast to verify my phone service was canceled, and it was, automagically via the number porting that occurred with AT&T.
13) Asked Comcast to give me a good rate on Double Play (from Triple Play). My new rate is $35/mo. less.
14) Investment: ObiTalk 110, $50. Go Phone: $5. Minutes: $15. Number porting: $20. TOTAL: $90. 12 month savings is $420. Not a bad deal here, and, I have a “burn” phone I can use once I get it a new number. 😉
In my research, I found this great review over at Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Part 3 covers how to get 911 service, which you don’t get with Google Voice. That’ll be my next step in this process, more like an addendum.
And here’s another article about using ObiTalk 110 and Google Voice.