First Impressions of Fiio E6 Amplifier

So I’ve been listening to my Sennheiser HD570 headphones at work a bit more as of late and I always felt they could use a little bit more oomph in their sound. I was looking around the other day, trying to help someone at work find some headphones for a gift purchase. In doing my research, I found the Fiio E6 that is distributed by Micca, who provides a Y-cable in the packaging.



output power: 150mW into 16 Ohm, 16mW into 300 Ohm

* SNR: >95dBA

Distortion<0.0009% (10mW)

* Frequency response:10Hz~100KHz

* USB power supply port:DC 5V/500mA

* Power supply mode :Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

* Size:41mmx40.2mmx9mm

* Weight:16g

After listening to them for a few hours with low volume (25% or less through the PC) through my cheapo Dell desk speakers, I wasn’t SUPER impressed. I think you need to turn up the volume to 50% or higher to really get a good idea of how the E6 performs. I then switched to the Sennheisers and pumped up the volume to 50% (I’m using Spotify as my music player and listening to some Armin Van Buuren State of Trance 500 album). Cycling through the 4 EQ settings, I’m able to:

  1. Hear the difference between them all and
  2. Truly benefit from 3 of the 4 settings: Neutral (still amps the signal), +3dB, +6dB, and -3dB.

I’ve never heard my Sennheisers sound this full of life before.

All in all, I think this was a great $24.99 spent at and I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has felt they could tweak their headphone listening a bit.

For a more in-depth review, you can read this one at or this one at