Jailbroken 4.1

Thanks to greenpois0n for their 4.1 jailbreak tool. It went fairly easy. I downloaded AptBackup first, so I could backup my “list” of jailbroken apps to Cydia’s server. Then I did the update to 4.1. Then I did the jailbreak. After the jailbreak, I installed Cydia with Loader.app, then installed AptBackup and did a restore. After that, it looked like most of my apps were missing. I plugged into the PC, got into iTunes, went to Apps, and then, magically, without even syncing, they started showing up on my phone. Maybe AptBackup just needed a little more time before the downloads were all done and placed where they needed to be placed.
UPDATE: I had my friend, Chris, do this last night. He had some issues, but mostly related to his laptop blue-screening. Anyway, he had to go into iTunes at the end, and start “checking” the apps he wanted on his iPhone. Like me, he didn’t have to actually “Sync” while on the Apps tab in iTunes for the apps to start showing up on his phone.