Login, signup, Log In, Sign Up!?!??!

Is it just me that thinks the Internet world is grossly misusing the terms login, log in, signup, and sign up?

If we’re talking about what a user DOES, they “log in” and they “sign up”.

If we’re talking about the things they own, they own a login to a site, they remember a signup to a site.

When you visit a website, you’ll often see a link for “Login”. Now, literally, that’s just a noun sitting out there. Shouldn’t it be “Log In”?

If they want you to sign up, shouldn’t the link be titled “Sign Up”?

I decided I’d go look for a log in link used on the first site that came to my mind: smugmug.com.

Kudos to SmugMug for keeping it straight!

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I decided to venture out, looking for a sign up link used on the first site (well, second) that came to my mind: basebamphq.com.

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So, it looks like this “condition” I’m seeing isn’t 100% canvased across the internet, but it’s pretty common, and I think it should stop.