5M Jobs

Yesterday, I was finally able to find a Barack Obama T-Shirt that I promised my coworkers I’d wear if he won the election. There was a guy off of Mound Road and six mile. It’s a cool looking shirt, like a postage stamp with Nov 4, 2008 on it and 44th President on the bottom. It’s the silhouette of Barack that is in those “HOPE” posters. Anyway, I was talking to the guy, telling him that I am only buying the shirt because I’m patriotic and I support the new president elect. He then went on to say how Bush fucked things up the past 8 years and said: “Did you hear? Obama’s gonna create 5 million jobs with this “‘solar energy’ shit!”

Wow, “solar energy shit”. I wonder what that means exactly? Does it mean all alternative energy? I doubt it. Does it mean, specifically, that 5M people are going to be working in the desert, putting up solar panels? Man, that’s a LOT of people!