Tru Green

Now that this is finally over, I wanted to share the latest bill I received from Tru Green ChemLawn of Shelby Township, MI.

A few months ago, they did 2 lawn treatments within two days of each other. The first, spray, and the 2nd, granular. I think they spilled something on the 2nd visit and burned a 4 foot in diameter patch in my lawn, near my front door. It’s definitely a horrible mistake on their part, and they never truly acknowledged it saying they goofed. All they did was come back a few days later and lay down some pretty nasty brown pellet looking fertilizer that smelled HORRIBLE.

To add to this, they billed me for the application that burned my lawn and kept telling me they’d remove it from my bill, yet, they kept billing me. They finally broke the camel’s back when I got my bill on Saturday. I filed complaints with local news channels and the better business bureau, as well as Tru Green corporate. I’m not sure WHICH of these entities actually called them about it, but when I spoke with “Kim” today, she said they had applied a credit on the 19th of August, 2008, which was the date of the last bill they sent. I don’t believe them. I’ll share some pictures (when I get them from home) of my burnt lawn as well as this bill, which was pretty over-the-top  of how NOT to handle customer service, if you ask me. Read WHO they addressed this bill to.