I wish I had a connection this fast!

Paul Stamatiou points out that his internet connection was actually being maxed out with using 802.11g. He had to upgrade his network to 802.11n to get the full throughput his internet service provider offered. Maybe Comcast will get us DOCSIS 3.0 pretty soon so we can at least have 30Mbit/s connectivity. His connection speed: Read […]

My first HDR image.

I have been fascinated by HDR images I’ve seen over there years, and I’ve always wanted to try to create some myself. This one, I took with my handy-dandy Canon SD1000. I just used exposure compensation by putting the camera in manual mode and mapping the print button to the exposure controls. I took (5) […]

Writeup of Flock 2 at ArsTechnica

Hands on: Flock 2 steps up the social browser game I always respect the folks at ArsTechnica, so I figured I’d share this nice article on Flock 2. They mention that it’s still in Beta, and there are always issues with Bets, but, like the author of the article, I’m seriously considering using Flock 2 […]

Firefox 3 is Out, and here’s a great guide about it.

Firefox 3: Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3 It seems that lifehacker.com puts out some great information. I ran across this on my iGoogle.com page a few minutes ago. I’ve been using Firefox 3 for quite some time now (as a supplement to my normal Firefox 2, Safari, and Camino browsing habits). As the releases […]

Apple — of all companies, to use dirty HTML to resize images!

I always find it funny that on http://store.apple.com, the image that says “We’ll be back soon”, when they are making changes to their store, is being resized via HTML and not natively the right size, so it always looks “dirty”… Right click that image and choose to “View Image”, and you’ll see how it’s SUPPOSED […]