My Letter to Comcast

Dear Comcast,

On Saturday morning, Jesse, tech 2244 I believe, came by to try and solve my connection problems. He seemed like a nice guy, sincere, and truly wanting to help me out. He checked all my taps, replaced a jumper between my two splitters, and was on his way. He said him or his supervisor would call me on Sunday to let me know what possibly got fixed with our node in this subdivision, as a line tech left a note on my friend’s door, Mr. Chris Rouvalis, explaining to him that the network problems in this area should be gone now. That, coupled with Jesse’s attempts to fix (4th Comcast attempt in total since my July 7 tech visit) my problems, caused me to cancel my Wide Open West appointment I had for yesterday, to get high speed internet from them.

WHAT A FOOL I WAS. Yesterday, at about 9am, is when I first noticed my cable modem wasn’t even locking on. Normally, when I lose connectivity, as of late, my lights show no indication of this. This time, however, my modem showed me it wasn’t connected. I called my friend, Chris Rouvalis, to see if he was connected, since we typically share the same problems with our connection, at the same time. Sorry for me, he had connectivity, all day. I didn’t notice connectivity here again until 7:03pm, per my Motorola Surfboard’s Log. So, we’re talking 10 full hours of no connectivity. Another indicator of not having connectivity is when my cell phone rings with a number I’m not familiar with. We have Vonage for our phone service, and it’s set up to forward to my cell phone. I was getting calls all day, further reinforcing my new opinion of Comcast’s high speed internet service. Utter G-A-R-B-A-G-E!!!!

In speaking with the customer service representative yesterday who set up my upcoming Friday morning visit (the 5th one, doesn’t it sound like a F*ING great time, to waste my time with you people at this point), was only able to put a $26 credit on my account for the outages I’ve had since my July 7 visit. I almost hung up right then and there. $26? Are you kidding me? That and the 2 free pay per view movie coupons. Oh boy?!!!???!?!? Comcast is so generous. What I was expecting the phone rep to do was give me FULL CREDIT for the $42.95/mo I pay going back to July 7, as well as offering me something else, like a year-long introductory rate, or better yet, a permanently lowered high speed internet rate. Does Comcast want to keep my and my neighbors as a customer, or not?

You have wasted 4 Saturdays of mine since July 7, not including the time I’ve spent on the phone with you, and the aggravation it’s caused my wife and I. The phone rep said that a supervisor wouldn’t be able to make the visit this coming Saturday. I think if you want to do anything in your power to keep me as a customer, you’ll not only send a supervisor here this Friday, but you’ll credit me more than the paltry $26, lower my bill, and use my internet problems as a test case for your future techs. I’d love to see 10 technicians and a supervisor here this Friday morning. Think of it as the “cold case” that Comcast can’t solve. Give the technician who solves it something really special, 2 free pay per view movie passes!

Rona, please call me again today, 586 xxx xxxx, so we can discuss 1) The technician not filling the promise of being able to do anything with my bill, as you alluded to, and 2) Finding a way for Comcast to keep me as a $100+/mo. paying customer, and 3) Not doing everything in my power to get the entire neighborhood to drop Comcast as a provider.

Again, I feel so dumb for canceling my installation appointment yesterday morning with Wide Open West. How silly of me to actually think I could trust what Comcast did over the weekend was actually going to fix my connection problems.