12 years and counting!!!

I can’t believe this, and I even told my dad that I never dreamed he’d live this long. Today marks the 12th anniversary of my dad getting a new heart! He’s 74 years old and still kicking!

I can’t stress how thankful we all are that he’s around to see grandchildren: 2 now and 1 on the way from Dino and Danielle! Life is grand, a bit confusing at times, but definitely grand when you look at all the ups and downs folks go through.

I’ll never forget the night of the 21st of February, 1995, when my brother called me up at my buddy Dave’s house (Pepe). I was hung over, feeling  like dying…and the phone rings with Dino on the other end, telling me they found a guy with a heart for dad. I think the call came at about 4-5am…it definitely woke me up with enough time to go to the Dean of Students, Martha Janners, and ask for an incomplete in my circuits class which I was going to fail anyway. She granted my wish and I quickly found a ride to Michigan State, thanks Aaron, where Un-ho picked me up and drove me to Ann Arbor. Just as I got to the hospital, my dad woke up. It was amazing. We had to wear masks and gloves and be extremly quiet in the cardiothoracic unit where he was. When my dad saw me, he had tears in his eyes. Typing this is making me have tears in my eyes. We found out that the donor was able to save three lives that day…God bless him and his family!

I’ll never forget that day and I’ll live with the permanent effect that has had on our family (an awesome effect)!

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