Some of the Apps I use on my MacBook Pro

Eric got his Macbook yesterday and I wanted to share with him some of the apps I have grown to love using Mac OS X.

A site that I really like is actually this Greek kid who is interning at Yahoo this summer. — he likes to talk up Mac stuff all the time, so it’s a pretty good site and his Feedburner readership has nearly doubled in the past month or so since he got the Yahoo gig. — great site, and it even has stuff filterable by Intel-compatible (Universal).

VirtueDesktops ( — desktop manager. Pretty damn nice, actually.
Doodim ( — dims background apps. Pretty cool, since the UI is so “brilliant” at times, it gets a bit distracting.
Adium ( — best IM app I’ve ever used, even on the PC. Great community making tons of plugins for this thing, too.
Parallels Workstation ( — virtualization software. Works great.
Transmit FTP ( — FTP software.
TextWrangler ( — editor. Free version of BBEdit. Good overall editor. Should like it.
PictureSync ( — tool that uploads photos FOR you to Flickr and other services. Free, nice.
PandoraMan ( — plays Pandora in a little window. Slick. Written using Cocoa, the Mac’s version of .NET or MFC.
OnyX ( — Mac equivalent of TweakUI. Great.
StuffIT ( — uncompresses everything. Great tool.
Growl ( — pretty slick notifier that works with almost all apps on the Mac.
WriteRoom ( — old school editor. Fullscreen is kind of like being in a dark room, just writing.
Mori ( — notebook app. I’ve tried others, like Circus Ponies’ competitor and BBEdit’s company’s Yojimbo. Mori is the coolest, and it keeps letting you use it for free. Seem like cool folks over there at Hog Bay Software.