Ben’s 1st Birthday Party!

After a few weeks of some heavy-duty planning, we had a very nice party for Benjamin. We were afraid of the weather, as it had been raining for weeks, damn near, but it turned out well. The weather cooperated for the most part, only pestering us with gusty winds, 25mph at times, and a bit of seasonally cooler temps (in the low 60s). We had the tent that was planned for the backyard up in the driveway, and we used the garage as the party’s staging area.

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For a .99 year old, Benjamin did awesome! He was in the best mood, all day. He even seemed to brighten up and get into it when everyone was singing Happy Birthday for him. We couldn’t believe how energized he got!


I surprised Michelle (and Ben) by having Dave (Pepe), Sarah, and Ellie come in on Friday night from Green Bay. Dave is Ben’s Godfather and insisted on coming. We all thought it would be a great idea (all but Michelle) if we didn’t tell her that they were coming. When I told her I had to get some tables from Costco on Friday night, I came home and walked in with Ellie (8 month old baby girl). Michelle just about flipped out, but Sarah was close behind me, so we didn’t let her have a heart attack!

Thanks to everyone who came to the party and helped Benjamin celebrate his birthday with such joy, happiness, and love. His actual birthday is this Wednesday, when we’ll be taking him to the zoo! Thanks Danielle, Dino, and Angelina, for the Zoo membership for Michelle!