What I saw today, getting a diet root beer

Some blind/partially handicapped (palsy of some sort) dude just got beat up by the WSU cops.

He was at the Barnes and Noble, harassing customers, and they called the WSU cops on him.

They were escorting him out, grabbing him by the jacket, and he was starting to resist.

Then, the bigger cop (male), pushed him up against the food display, smacking his face against the glass, very hard. This poor dude wears glasses, too. He was bleeding profusely from the mouth.

I guess this dude is a nuisance and causes problems all the time. Regardless, I feel bad for him. He should’ve just let them escort him out, but man, he’s partially blind (with a white cane) and has some other physical limitations.

Edit: I guess he’s just partially blind, and not physically impaired in any way. Still, he’s pretty small.