Happy 9 Months, Benjamin!!!

I can’t believe it! Today, Benjamin Peter is 9 months old.

Let’s see, at 9 months:

  • Pulls himself up and walks around furniture, tables, lamps (sometimes pulling them down, shattering them), highchairs, and just about anything else that he can prop himself up on.
  • Waves, on queue (most of the time), by opening and closing his fist or fists. It’s adorable.
  • Can walk around the house with his Fisher Price walker, although, he’s not adept yet at turning it around if he runs it into an obstacle, like a wall, couch, ottoman, lamp, table.
  • Grabs most food that you place in front of him with his forefinger and thumb. This took a bit of time for him to master, but he’s pretty much an old pro when it comes to eating cheerios, pieces of fruit, pieces of chicken, Doritos (just kidding), vegetables, etc.
  • He has almost 6 teeth showing: 2 on the bottom and ALMOST 4 on the top. I’d say another week or so for those top teeth to be fully showing!
  • Laughs when you tickle him, make funny faces and noises at him, or do anything else that involves him.
  • Stands in front of objects, puts his head down, and slams both hands and arms down, almost forceful! This is hilarious, and needs to be photographed and filmed as soon as possible.
  • Says sounds like “mamamamama” and “dadadadadada” and “nahny nahny nahny”.
  • Loves to eat pears. By far, this is his favorite fruit.
  • Loves to eat his “Chicken Noodle Dinner” baby food. When we feed him this, we sing: “Chicken Noooodle Diiiinnnneeeeer!” We love it. We’re nuts, but madly in love with our son!